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Training Journal

My journal of running, training and racing.

Leadville Training - 6 Weeks from race week

Mark Junkans

This is the first real hard week I’ve had, and my legs handled it well. Got some good climbing on bridges and treadmill (TM). I sure wish I lived somewhere hilly, but in Houston you take what you can get. I’m also hoping that this intense humidity will help build my mental capacity to suffer. Some runs I feel like I’m suffocating for the first couple miles, then it’s just a matter of not overheating. The high humidity makes it almost impossible for the body to cool off since the moisture just sticks to your skin and doesn’t evaporate.

Overall, I feel good, but I know I’m at a deficit for this race with no altitude and no mountains to run on.

Mon pm - 8.5 easy

Tues am - 10 moderate (4 mile bridge workout) | pm - 5 recovery pace

Wed am - 8 easy | pm - 6 TM (2 @ 15% incline)

Thur am - 11.5 (4 miles of bridge repeats) | pm - 5 on TM with 2x15 min@ 15% incline

Fri am - 8 easy

Sat am - 26 easy effort

Sun am - 18 at Ho Chi Minh trails

Total miles for week - 106 Total hours of running - 15.5