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Training Journal

My journal of running, training and racing.

Leadville Training - 5 weeks from race week

Mark Junkans

Another solid week with 4 hill workouts and back to back 20’s on the weekend. Overall energy is good, trying to get some vert on these legs isn’t easy in Houston. Basically, treadmill and overpasses are my only nearby options.

Mon am - 6 easy on treadmill

Tues am - 12 moderate (4 mile bridge workout) | pm - 3.5 easy jog with Natalia

Wed noon - 9 easy in heat | pm - 6 TM (2 @ 18% incline)

Thur am - 12 (4.5 bridge loops) | pm - 5 pushing stroller to playground

Fri noon - 8 in full heat/humidity

Sat am - 20 miles practicing nutrition (heat and humidity killed me)

Sun am - 20 miles (12 easy, 4 bridge repeats, 2 easy)

Total miles for week - 103 Total hours of running - 14.5