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Training Journal

My journal of running, training and racing.

Leadville Training - 4 Weeks from race week

Mark Junkans

This week was all about continuing with the volume and getting some good climbs during my longer runs. I haven't really had much fatigue in the legs, which is somewhat worrying, but after the weekend combo, my legs were definitely worked. I celebrated with a big bowl of ice cream and a late night watching True Detective. Just one more week where I'll hit my peak mileage for this block, then it's all maintenance from there.

Mon am - 5 easy | pm - 7 easy

Tues am - 7.5 progression to 6:10 pace | noon - 5 easy | pm - 1 mile stair climbs on CUW lakefront

Wed am - 13 easy in Milwaukee | pm - 5 - Family Hike on Memorial Park trails with 50 lb pack (Krystin)

Thur am - 12 moderate with 4 miles of bridge repeats | pm - 3 miles treadmill climb at 18% incline

Fri am - 8 easy

Sat am - 30 easy with 8 mile hill workout

Sun pm - 15 easy

Total miles for week - 111 Total hours of running - 17