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Biggest Training week So Far.

Mark Junkans

I just had my biggest training week ever last week and I'm super excited about my endurance level. I did 318 miles of swimming, biking and running, over 20 hours and burned over 16,000 calories. It's the calories part that I like the best because I was forced to eat a lot.

Sunday was a practice day for Ironman Louisville which included an 18 mile run before church, a 45 minute swim after lunch and a 101 mile bike ride that ended when the sun went down. Being 95+ degrees and humid from a recent rain shower, the conditions were especially wonderful. I was really getting tired by about 7:00 pm, but kept my eye on the goal of not only racing a strong Ironman, but also running for 24 hours in October.

As hard as it is to train, it's all worth it as I hear new stories weekly about new families that are reached and lives that are impacted by LINC's work. I am so privileged to have my health and a supportive family. I can't imagine what life must be like for our families who don't have enough food or are in incredibly difficult life situations.