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Triathlon Training - This Cycle

Mark Junkans

Last year I felt like my training was harder than it is this year, but maybe it just seemed that way.  For one, I'm focusing my time better while training and I'm more efficient than I used to be.  

I'm not swimming as long each session.  In fact, I'm not swimming much at all.  However, I am doing drills, swimming faster laps and concentrating on form.  My swim sessions are definitely more efficient.

I'm also not doing as many long weekend rides as I did last year.  I'm spending most of the time on the bike trainer building power with a couple long rides here and there.

I'm definitely putting less time into running, but I'm running faster as well so my mileage is about the same.

In all, I'm putting in about 1-2 hours less a week than last year, but hitting the same mileage.  I'm really trying to keep my training hours below 12, which I've been able to do for the most part.

My first 70.3 this year is in about a week, we'll see how well this is working.