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Pit Bull Showdown

Mark Junkans

4 miles into today’s tempo run, a pit bull came from a house near the trail and stood right in front of me growling, not letting me pass. Every time I tried to move around him, he came closer and barked louder. When I tried to back away he would come after me, snapping. So, we played chicken 2 feet from each other for about 15 minutes while I tried to yell for the homeowner to come out. I’m not afraid of dogs, but didn’t really want a pit bull clamped onto my leg. As much as I tried to dominate, he was definitely not backing down.

Finally, a lady came out of the house and yelled “sorry.” I then waited another 5 minutes while she came around, but this only seemed to aggravate the dog even more. The closer she got the more he backed me up, and she was pretty much worthless in trying to get him. I was backing down a hill while he was lunging at me (very sucky). Just then a bicyclist rode by and the dog began to chase her. Luckily she was too fast and that gave me time to run the other way.

Anyway, about 20 minutes or more had passed and it was really tough to get back in the groove again. I finished up the last two MP miles and stopped for a minute, then finished up the HMP miles a little too fast.

I’m not yet ready to carry pepper spray or anything else, but am a little more mindful or potential surprises when I’m out running.