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2012 Houston Half Marathon

Mark Junkans

Official time, 1:21:52. I ran without my Garmin, as coach suggested, and after the first couple of panicked miles running blind I finally saw a mile marker. I was relieved to see that my pace was just under 6:13, right where I wanted to be. I almost pulled out at mile 3 because my shin was starting to cramp horribly, but I ran through it, and it eventually became bearable again.

I was running about 30 seconds behind the infamous Gordon Christie the whole race and as I started to surge at mile 12 to catch him, my stomach started to hurl. I lost 4 places while I stooped to dry heave. Started to catch up again, but I really couldn’t push the pace because I was still at puke threshold. I definitely had a kick left, but my stomach wouldn’t let me run faster. Don’t know what’s up with that because I didn’t take any gels before or during the race and I only drank Gatorade 3 times. Grrrr

I’m very pleased with where I’m sitting right now for Houston, this was just under my secret goal of 1:22. My previous HM PR was over 1:29 during a Half Ironman, so this is officially another PR.

26th overall and 5th AG. Overall winner was 1:05. My daughter finished well also, very proud of her.