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I look forward to hearing from you about anything from ministry, missions, running and life.

Houston, TX


Consulting and Coaching

Because of my unique experiences in urban and grassroots organizations, many congregations and organizations have found my knowledge and expertise to be helpful in various areas. I consult with denominational districts, organizations, congregations and individual leaders as well. The following is a list of areas that I can best serve in.

  • Identifying and Implentation of Your Vision and Mission
  • Church Planter identification, recruitment and assessment
  • Organizational planning and development
  • Organizational leadership
  • Growing a diverse leadership base
  • Grassroots leadership development
  • Creative funding and program sustainability (including earned income strategies)
  • Community program development 501(c)3 formation
  • Developing a citywide coalition

Speaking and Preaching

As a dynamic conference and event speaker, I bring a unique personal experience and worldview that inspires and also stretches the audience. Because of time, I limit my outside (outside Houston metro) speaking engagements to larger gatherings. Locally (Houston metro), however, I am willing to speak at almost any size event.

Suggested speaking topics include:

  • The Effect of Urbanization and Globalization on The Church
  • Mission and Outreach in a Multicultural and Pluralistic Society
  • Hope for Our Urban Communities
  • God's Master Plan Throughout History
  • How LINC is Working to Transform Our Cities