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Mark Junkans

Ray Bakke

Cities have personalities

Capital Cities

Industrial Cities – People were the extension of the machines they worked on

Cultural Cities – (New Orleans)

Port Cities – Leaders in fashion and trends

Private Cities – (Philadelphia)

Public Cities - (Boston)

Lake Cities

River Cities

Find out the DNA of your city

-Irish in Chicago learned how to play umbrella politics

All cultures carry a unique pain on their shoulders

Suburbs are no longer the escape from the city, but the extension of the city.

Worldwide, there are 100,000 people moving into the city per day

Over 60% of the world’s population is urban

-Asianation and urbanization

How to Enter a Neighborhood

-Formal Way – Call up historical society to ask for half dozen best books on city.

-Gather data

Informal Way –

-networking your way into community

-Pastor of the parish

Visit Local Pastors

- visit every pastor in neighborhood and ask "What's the most important lesson you've learned in this community?"

- "Show me around through your eyes."


- Invite the beat cops to church to thank them publicly for their service

Principles of Schools -

Hospital Staff

Go to the taverns and bars and thank them for taking care of the hurting people in the community.

In the city, visit people where they work because that's where their identity is, not where they live.

Most pastors are trained to run programs, not to network.


- Firewall between church and liabilities

- access donations otherwise out of reach to church

- mortgage church property to buy properties

"Building Communities from the Inside out" Josh Mcknight

- Asset based development