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Mark Junkans

This morning in a matter of a few miles I went from my Mexican neighborhood through Third Ward, (a black neighborhood), then through Chinatown, then through yuppie-hood to my office. At the Medical Center I saw people from probably 20 different countries (and that was even half asleep without adequate coffee.) Is this not like the world that the church thrived in throughout the book of Acts?
Why does our church believe that cultural diversity is an obstacle for growth? In Antioch the leaders of the church came from all across the known world. Blacks led alongside Greeks. The church from Jerusalem sent Barnabas to see if there really was a large and diverse group of converts. Would our churches believe the diversity of the church in the city today? Would they send a delegation into the Hispanic barrio to see if people are really coming to faith and send their best encourager in order to help build up that church? Would they come and see the new Korean fellowship, the Liberian fellowship, the Chinese fellowship, etc? Maybe not. Would they send an encourager to help build up the church? I don't know. I pray that someday our church realizes that God is bringing the world to our city so that our ministry now takes on a missionary flavor and brings the much needed excitement for evangelism back into our sanctuaries.