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6 Traits Ministry Leaders Must Have


6 Traits Ministry Leaders Must Have

Mark Junkans

In our current culture, true leaders that set an example worth emulating are getting harder to find. Sadly, this is true in ministry as well. There are several important traits that you should strive to embody as a ministry leader.

1. Stay Focused on the End Goal If you work in a ministry position you'll often be called to wear many hats. It's far too easy to get side-tracked and find yourself far away from what you're really supposed to be accomplishing. Write down your primary goals, post them on the wall right above your desk and enlist the help of other leaders and co-workers to help you stay on track.

2. Stay Christ-Centered As a church leader you always need to remember that Christ is the focal point of every endeavor. CTPastors points out that leaders must have a strong focus on things that always remain the same. There is nothing more unchanging than Jesus, the foundation of our faith. Having a strong, unwavering commitment to Jesus’ mission is crucial, otherwise you will begin to exchange lesser missions for the most important one.

3. Adhere to High Standards of Integrity If you've been called to a leadership position in ministry you will be held to a higher standard. states that integrity must encompass all areas of a leader's life, not just in a particular leadership position. To be a leader of integrity means to adhere to a high code of behavior in issues regarding the heart and the home as well as in public.

4. Learn to Deal With Criticism If you're in a position of leadership there will be criticism. Jesus received a lot of criticism during his ministry, both from those who adamantly opposed him and even at times from his own followers. It's important to not take it personally and respond with love and kindness.

5. But Still Accept Constructive Criticism Remaining humble and realizing you aren't going to get it right all the time is a necessary leadership trait. If you surround yourself with Godly individuals who genuinely care as much about the ministry as you do, it will be easier to take counsel and apply it.

6. Take a Team Approach Taking a team approach means you'll seek out and involve others in what you're trying to accomplish, and in the decisions you make. It also means working regularly with others and not going it alone. David Mathis in Desiring God writes that individuals are simply too frail, shortsighted and naturally sinful to go it totally alone without support from others.

Being a better leader takes a conscientious effort on a daily basis. Excelling as a leader isn't be easy, but this is what you’re called to.

What would you add to this list of crucial traits?