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Asking for Mountains


Asking for Mountains

Mark Junkans

I believe that as humans, we are wired for challenge, and that something inside us dies slowly over time when we just settle for what is easy. That may be overstating it, but I've seen it happen time after time in people, ministries and organizations. I admit, I tend to lean toward attempting challenges that are beyond my abilities. This doesn't apply to every part of my life, in fact there are situations that I run from because they're not comfortable. However, I always pray that I will never limit what God wants to do through me because I preferred only to do what's easy.

I just watched The Evolution of "The Speedgoat" telling the story of professional trail running legend Karl Meltzer, his dedication to the sport, and the sacrifices he has made to do what he is made to do. He has won more 100 mile races in his career than anyone, and also holds the speed record for the Apalachian Trail. Truly an inspiration for me as a runner and as the leader of an organization attemping audacious things for the Kingdom of God.

Three things converged this morning:

  1. I read the devotion below which was for today entitled "Asking For Mountains."
  2. The Karl Meltzer video popped up on my FB feed.
  3. I am in the midst of following God's call to expand our ministry presence around the world and one project that I've been praying for and investing energy and resources into is now set to take off.

God, I hear You. I won't settle for the safe and easy path. When faced with a challenge, I will trust in your power and strength and not my own.

“You heard in that day how the Anakim were there, and that the cities were great and fortified. It may be that the Lord will be with me, and I shall be able to drive them out as the Lord said.” Joshua 14:12

Caleb’s faith in God never wavered, though everyone around him doubted. God convinced Caleb that the children of Israel should enter the Promised Land, but the people were intimidated by giants and fortified cities (Num. 13:28-33). Their disbelief forced Caleb to wait forty years in the wilderness before he finally entered the Promised Land. Even after all those years, Caleb was as confident as ever in God’s power.

When God was dividing the land among the Israelites, the people were asking for the lush valleys and grassy plains. Caleb asked for a mountain. The Israelites had driven their enemies into the mountains, where they had built fortresses. This did not intimidate Caleb—he asked for a challenge! He did not trust in his own strength but in God’s presence. Caleb longed to see God work in power, and he knew he would be less likely to rely on God if he dwelt in the easy places. He chose a situation in which he would have to trust in God. Caleb knew his inheritance from God was on the mountain. He refused to allow the difficulty of gaining it to stop him from enjoying all that God had promised him.

If you always choose the easy way, asking for the peaceful valleys, you will never see God’s power displayed to enable you to take a mountain. Seek out the mountains, and you will witness God doing things through your life that can be explained only by His mighty presence.

Excerpt from Experiencing God Day by Day