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2 simple habits


2 simple habits

Mark Junkans

Increasing My dependance on God.

Living life in the modern world makes it difficult to depend on God. I start to believe that I have everything I need, and I rarely have to pray for God to provide my daily bread. This is not the case in other places around the world for people are truly concerned for their next meal.

What are we supposed to do to increase our dependence on God? I know that this may sound simple, but here are two things I am trying to do more of.

  1. Make Scripture reading a daily habit.

I know this should be a given, but even I sometimes fall out of the daily habit of reading scripture. Yes I read devotionals, books and look at spiritual memes on social media, but this is no substitute for digging into the Scriptures on a daily basis.

Without hearing from God its easy to forget him. Without digging through the Scriptures to find internal truth, it's easy to Think that I have everything figured out. When I read the word of God, I understand that many people throughout history have been in the same situation as I, but still had a deep dependence on God. I can learn from them in their example. I'm also reminded that Life is tenuous, and that without Christ my future is insecure. Only his death on the cross and his atoning sacrifice for me can give me any security. Everything can be taken away tomorrow, but Jesus will never leave me. This is what reading the Scriptures reminds me of among other things.

  1. Practice prayer and meditation.

In any relationship, when you stop talking or communicating with someone, then you begin to lose your deep connection to them and thus stop depending on that relationship for anything significant. The same happens in our relationship with God. Whenever we stop talking to him, bringing our cares and burdens to him, meditating on his word and confessing our sins, our dependance on him begins to weaken. Spending time meditating on His word and truth not only helps free our mind from the lies that we tell ourselves, but also helps center our thoughts and actions on the things that really matter. The less we do this, the more independent we become. The more we practice this daily spiritual discipline, the more God becomes a necessary part of our life.

Yes, this is elementary. But just doing these two things daily will grow your faith and help you to depend more on God and less on yourself.