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Three Things Necessary for Missional Movement

Mark Junkans

I believe that there are three things necessary to foster a church planting / missional movement within our church body. These three, of course, are in addition to the leading and power of the Holy Spirit.

1. Permission
People within a system are hesitant to move forward and plant new ministries unless they feel that they have permission to do so. This permission comes primarily when I, as a church planter, learn that others have done something similar with success. It also comes from my ecclesiastical authority. So many times entrepreneurial leaders don’t try new things is because they don’t feel they have the permission to do so.

2. Provision
Missional leaders need resources. These are not only financial, but there is a great need for training, best-practices, materials and partnerships. Without proper provision, the movement may be stunted.

3. Protection
If there is a possibility of being picked off by the world and also those within the church body who are against what the missionary is doing, then the entrepreneurial spirit begins to weaken. This protection comes from the fellowship of brothers in the ministry who will band together and have each others’ back when one of them is attacked. The ecclesiastical leadership also has to grant protection to the mission leader. I am privileged to be in a District that will protect me when someone raises an issue with the ministry that I am leading. Others don’t have that privilege. Thoughts?

I have wanted to flesh this out a lot more, but need more time to do so.