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I've Got This Great Idea

Mark Junkans

That’s great, I have a hundred. Come back when you’ve done something with it.

In an interview with Rich Roll, Casey Neistat said that ideas are worthless. This is coming from a guy who makes insanely creative and engaging videos. He is full of ideas, but says he doesn’t value them until they actually get put into action.

It’s all those steps from idea to plan to production that are difficult. The thing is, not all ideas are supposed to be acted on because some are just unrealistic or impractical while others are just terrible. Some ideas, however, are gems that should be acted on.

How do you keep generating ideas and not get caught in the mindless trap of chasing everything down a rabbit hole, or driving other people crazy?

Here are the steps that I take.

  1. Write down every idea that comes into my mind into a notebook, (i use evernote).
  2. Wait.
  3. Wait.
  4. Wait some more
  5. Go think of some more ideas

Ok, so sometimes I actually choose to tell someone about the idea, especially if it seems to be a good one, or if it seems to apply to a certain situation. The point is that we only have so much energy to actually produce something, and starting too many things means we will probably let other things drop.

So why keep creating ideas?

Here’s the key, if you’re an idea person, that's what you do. It's your contribution to the world, and it gives you energy.

Idea people should keep creating new ideas because one in a thousand just might be awesome.

Write them all down...

...but act on very few of them if any at that moment.

I try to write down at least 10 new ideas a day, and find that really difficult to do.

Maybe your ideas are meant for someone else who needs it. Most of your ideas won’t be all that good or original, most ideas aren’t.

There is the occasional idea, however, that is pure genius. It won't become reality, however, until you or someone else has the time, energy and resources to actually carry it through.

The only truly great ideas are the ones that meet a real need, and that you or someone else can actually execute. Everything else is just an idea.