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Victoria's Confirmation

Mark Junkans


Victoria sitting on the far left along with her confirmation class.Yesterday, my daughter Victoria celebrated her confirmation.  It was a very proud moment for Natalia and I to see her take a vow to stand firm in her faith, even in the faith of persecution.  As her class was questioned about their faith, I was reminded of the twists and turns that my own faith journey has taken.  I was given the verse Romans 16 by my dad as my confirmation verse.  "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes."  

There have been times in my life when I didn't live out this faith, and lived like I was ashamed of the Gospel.  Other times, I have been extremely passionate about Jesus and His message.  The beautiful thing is that the Holy Spirit has kept my faith alive, and has used me for His purposes in spite of my weaknesses.  I pray the same for my daughter Victoria who is just beginning her journey to adulthood.  

The faith that she was given through baptism continues to grow, and the vows that she made today will be tested in the coming decades.  My only prayer is that she would remain open to God's leading, and that He would use her to bring others into a relationship with Him.

Confirmation Prayer

May the faith you confirm today

Be your key

To open the doors to....

HOPE, when all seems lost, 

JOY, when despair consumes you, 

LOVE, when hatred afflicts you, and

PEACE, when turmoil surrounds you.

Guard it well

And keep it close, 

This precious key, 

For when it is lost

All is lost.

But when it is found, 

It will set you free

And always guide you


Annabel Cruz - Havanna Cuba