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LeaderTip - Avoiding the What If Death Spiral

Mark Junkans

Scenario planning and information gathering are necessary for making good decisions as a leader.  It’s always important to ask the question “What if” so that potential pitfalls are avoided and opportunities aren’t missed.  There comes a point, however, when a leader needs to move ahead with a decision with the best information available.  This is where experience, wisdom, information and guts come together.  

I admit that it’s easy to avoid making decisions as a leader, and sometimes we aren’t ready  to because we simply haven’t done our homework.  

Ask the question “what if,” but don’t get stuck there indefinitely.

Sometimes the best choice between options is only slightly better than the others anyway.  Therefore sometimes it’s not worth expending more emotional energy and brainpower trying to stay afloat in the What-If death spiral.