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LeaderTip: Don’t Make It All About You

Mark Junkans

A tendency among some leaders is to begin to make things all about them. Because we are so personally invested in and attached to what we do, it’s somewhat inevitable. Everything begins to revolve around around their personality, their preferences, their agenda, their problems, their strengths, etc. I’ve seen this in organizations both big and small. While it is inevitable that the personality of the leader will influence the whole group, that doesn’t mean that everything about the group should be held captive by the leader’s characteristics.

As leaders, we must remember that we are here to serve the mission, not ourselves. The whole reason that we even have a position of influence is to fulfill a greater purpose. It’s hard to separate our individual person from the organization we lead, but we must learn to do this for its long-term vitality. If you are to truly be successful as a leader, that which you lead must grow beyond you.
Where have you seen an organization held hostage to the leader’s agenda? How will you avoid doing the very same thing where you lead?