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With so many things going on, I fall into the trap of thinking that busier is better.  Sometimes busy is necessary, but most of the time I'm just inventing new things to occupy my time.  At times, I need to concentrate on slowing my self down so I can think, plan, pray and just be.  I've read this piece often since I began in ministry as a reminder that busy isn't always better.  It's interesting that the author wrote this in 1945, talking about the pace of ministry.  What about today?  Oops, gotta run to a meeting.

Never was there a ministry so bustled and rushed and perspiring as ours is now.  If things stick, we devise yet another type of meeting, and when this additional wheel is spinning round with all the rest of the complex machinery, and a wind is blowing in our hot faces, we feel better, and have a comfortable sense that something is going on; are tired and stick, but happy engineers.

- Arthur John Gissup - Experience Worketh Hope (New Yord: Scribner's, 1945), pp 58

Here's a link to another article entitled "Busyness, Is The New Spirituality"