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Justice And The Gospel

Mark Junkans

Excerpt from paper presented at CTS Theological Symposium ~~~~~~~~

The church cannot forgo its responsibility to proclaim the Gospel, for in doing so it ceases to be the church. Neither can it forgo its responsibility of being a neighbor to those who are in need and are hurting from injustice. It must continue to give voice to the voiceless, and in doing so, proclaims God’s love and concern for all people. As the church speaks to and works for justice, a portal is created whereby some may be able to hear the trumpet blast of the Gospel more clearly. Moved by compassion, we meet the needs of those around us and proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus. We shouldn’t stop there, however. 

If we truly love our community, we should go beyond the combination of charity work and the Gospel. In Christ we are free, yes we are compelled to seek justice and equality, to seek the full development of communities in every sense. By doing so, we are proclaiming loudly that God loves all men equally and that Christ’s atoning work on the Cross does more than just open the way to heaven, it restores all things.