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Moving from Doing to Leading to Multiplying

Mark Junkans

Some people accomplish great things because of their skills or because they can influence others to do what they want.  A leader is one who is able to influence others, not simply one who does something with proficiency and excellence.  Those who can influence others to accomplish goals and objectives have the potential to become good leaders.  

A great leader, however, is one who multiplies him or herself by investing in, encouraging and developing others in maximizing their leadership potential.  People know that he or she believes in them and won't work around them, but through their leadership.

Next time you need to get something done, ask yourself who around you should learn to lead by helping you in the process.  Learn to empower others and to delegate your leadership to them.  Do this slowly and be careful not to move too quickly, but also gauge yourself over time to evaluate whether you have been too slow to empower others.

Are you a doer, a leader or a multiplier?

Good Read... The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Posner