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Using MarsEdit 3 for SquareSpace

Mark Junkans

NewImageI just started using MarsEdit by Red Sweater for my blogging, and I love it.  Though the $39.95 price tag seemed a little high for me at first for a blogging editor, I am glad that I did.


Setup was so easy.  Assuming you use a blogging platform that is supported by MarsEdit, all you have to do is input the URL to your blog, your username and password and presto!!!  The last 30 blog entries are instantly downloaded to your desktop application along with any media contained in it.  According to the website, MarsEdit works with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace, TypePad, Movable Type and dozens more through standard MetaWeblog and AtomPub interfaces.


First of all, editing posts is not delayed by waiting for a web page to load.  Granted, most of us have high speed connections, but there is still a delay in loading java scripts, Ajax, images, etc.  The biggest pain in blogging besides writer's block is signing in, waiting, clicking, waiting, etc.  With a desktop app, the pain of waiting is taken away.

User Interface and Editing

The interface is great as well.  Well placed buttons and standard formatting keyboard shortcuts make it very quick to create and edit blog entries.  The application is very easy to get around in.  This program can even use my favorite HTML editor, Textwrangler, even though I have tried it.  I find that for most blog entries, the standard interface is sufficient since I don't do a lot of HTML editing in my blog anyway.  It's good to know that, if I want, the option is there.


Tired of finding a good image on the web for your blog only to go through the process of downloading it and then uploading it to your blog entry?  Now, you just have to copy the image from the web and then paste it into your entry.  A dialogue instantly appears giving you the option of uploading it right then and there.  Media from any other source, including iphoto, local folders, flikr, etc is just as easy.

Glitches, improvements

I haven't found any serious glitches yet and haven't used it enough to suggest improvements.  I haven't found I am just so happy that I don't have to wait any more to blog on my SquareSpace account.