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Missional Community - Again

Mark Junkans

A couple years back, we started a home church in the Heights called MC3. We met weekly in someone's home, worshipped, shared communion, studied the Bible and prayed for each other.

Another key component of our gathering was to serve the community around us at least once a month. We held community Easter egg hunts in the park, held food drives, cleaned up yards and prayed with our neighbors. My wife and I are both starting to feel the desire for this kind of community again. Today, this type of gathering would probably be called a missional community rather than a house church.

One of the issues that we had with the house church we started is that of stagnation. We stopped growing as soon as the group began to feel comfortable with each other. We attempted to multiply the group by splitting it, however, this was met with opposition. This is not the only house church model we've begun, however, we've found that they've normally plateaued after a certain point. Also, the new believers that come to the group quickly begin to desire a "real church" and start to attend worship at an established church. This also draws their attention slightly away from the gathering as they get more and more involved in a traditional church model.

Basically, I am praying about beginning another missional community in the Heights / Montrose area. The goals would be to help people follow Jesus and make Him known in the community. Please help me pray about this. I don't have a timeline yet, however, I will seek God's leading on it.