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Houston, TX


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Mark Junkans

Sometimes ministry feels a lot like work. Oh, yeah, it is my work. It is sometimes hard to find the balance between admin work and "ministry." I try to make sure that I keep close to God's word and stay focused in prayer. I also try to keep my conversations centered around what God wants and not just the business at hand. Even so, I do get tired and start to feel like I just approve papers and sign documents for a living. Part of my quest in the growth of our ministry is to make sure that, in everything, I am living out my calling as a pastor as well as an administrator. Don't get mr wrong, I am not complaining much. I love what God has allowed me to do so far. It is a privilege and an honor to do what I do. For anyone who really knows me, they wouldn't believe that I am in a position where I have to meet deadlines and be responsible. Lol, ha Devil, the joke's on you.