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Mark Junkans

Just heard a song called "preacher." I think it is about a girl who's complaining that someone keeps trying to fix her and tell her what's wrong with her and how she needs to change.  It made me think about people's view of Christians and the fact that most people view preaching as a negative. Maybe that's because so many Christians preach at people instead of love them. Why do we feel like it's our job to fix people, to tell them what they're doing wrong and to try and change their lives even though inside they don't have the power? We try to put sanctification in front of justification. We think that if we can just stop people from living the way they do that that's good enough.
The challenging part of this is that people's lives are messed up. Sometimes I'd just rather put a Band-Aid over the situation than deal with the hard issues. I would rather tell someone how wrong they are and how they need to change then try to help them find the power in God's grace to be forgiven first, then to be restored.
Does someone's broken life offend me or am I really concerned about their well-being? I continually try to take the speck out of my neighbor's eye without even noticing the plank of wood in my own.
I know this sounds cliché, but let's stop preaching at people, please. Let's start loving them and caring enough to invest ourselves in a relationship with them until they care what we say.