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Mark Junkans

Last we enjoyed the excitement of hurricane Ike as it blew through Houston. About 4 million of us are without power and might be for weeks. It's not so bad, my family and I are sitting around a candle telling jokes. After moving a tree that was in the middle of our street, I drove around to a couple of our churches just to prove that my SUV could go through water over the front grill. I played chicken with another truck who saw me coming and yet decided to start driving down the middle of the same flooded street that I was on. That was fun for about two seconds. I was able to asses the damage in each location with nothing but downed trees and some roof damage.
I haven't been able to get ahold of all of our staff, but I assume they are all ok. Thank God no one I know of was hurt. Now we will see who in our neighborhoods is without food, etc over the next few days. Once we hear from the Food Bank we should be able to start picking up food for distribution. Assuming we can find gas, the generator will keep our stuff running like refrigerator.
God is good, it looks like it could have been a lot worse.