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The Kingdom of God

Mark Junkans

Over the next few months I am doing research on the Kingdom of God and how our view o God's Kingdom affects our ministry.
I believe that the role of the church within our greater society has become something other than what God intended. Our apathy for the world around us is defended by the doctrine of the Two Kingdoms. I am not arguing that there shouldn't be a separation between the kingdom of the right and of the left. However, I believe that they are so separated in our minds that we don't see any connection between Word and Sacrament ministry in the sanctuary, the Great Commission and our social responsibilities as citizens in the world. Why the disconnect? Why are we as a church so weak in our community impact?

Part of the reason is because ministry to the saints has become the end, not the means. We are to build up the body of Christ, so that the church can have greater impact on the world around us through the Gospel.

What do we really mean when when we say "Thy Kingdom Come?" Are we willing to see God's Kingdom come not only to us, but also through us? Are we willing to allow God's Kingdom to radically change our life's direction and focus so that our whole focus is God's mission? I know, for me, this is a very inconvenient prayer.