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Houston, TX


New Year's Day

Mark Junkans

Not so much a chance to start over as much as the ideal of a clean slate. The mistakes of last year still have to be dealt with and corrected. What I really look forward to is the new opportunity to deal with myself, who remains the same person as in 2007. I will find little ways this year to be more disciplined in areas that will pay long-term dividends. I will pay daily attention to my faith and faithfulness to God.

Things I dedicate myself to do in 2008.
1. Place my wife and family first on my schedule.
2. Communicate with God everyday.
3. Respond to every email and phone call within 12 hours.
4. Meet individually with each of my direct staff once a week.
5. Maintain a daily task list.

These might not seem like monumental things, but for me they are challenging. God, give me the strength to fulfill your mission in my life.