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a little luck?

Mark Junkans

I was walking out the grocery store tonight and I noticed an older man playing that game where you try to pick up a stuffed animal with a claw. My daughters love the game! The thing that struck me is that this man was standing there with a cart full of groceries (if it were me the ice cream would be melting) playing the game with a smile on his face. Was this game being played for purely for his enjoyment? Does he have a sweetheart at home that he wanted to surprise with a new stuffed animal? Or does he have a granddaughter he was fighting against all odds to make happy? If either of the above are true, wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to go the dollar store and buy a toy without the chance of losing money?

It made me think. What are the things in my life that I do simply because of the thrill of possibly not winning? Why do I do certain things that are uncertain, vs gaining the same thing by a predictable and certain means? For example, I could get to a meeting on time by leaving early, but I choose to wait until it will take a miracle to get me there on time? I could save money little by little to pay a tax bill, but I would rather put all the pressure on at the last minute and hope I have enough. Why do I wait for an emergency to pray about a situation rather than bathing it in prayer every step of the way?

I guess the ultimate clawdrop game is going into eternity not know if you've done enough to earn God's favor. Yeah, it would be easy and certain for someone to trust in Jesus for their salvation, but it wouldn't be as exciting.

Why? The answer lies somewhere in the smile on the man's face as he played the clawdrop game.

Prov. 21:17 He who loves pleasure shall be a poor man.