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Mark Junkans

Josh. 24:15 But if you don’t want to worship the LORD, then choose right now! Will you worship the same idols your ancestors did? Or since you’re living on land that once belonged to the Amorites, maybe you’ll worship their gods. I won’t. My family and I are going to worship and obey the LORD!

Sometimes I have no idea what I am doing. I make decisions that were the wrong ones, simply because I didn't take the time to think or talk something through. Other times I sit still because I don't know which direction to go in a certain area. I am sure glad that God is the one who is responsible for getting His things done through me. I am growing in so many areas, but much too slowly for my liking. I find it easy to make up my mind to serve God, and even easier to lapse into service myself.

To worship and obey the Lord is more than a Sunday service or working in the ministry. Just because I give my time to the poor and those in need doesn't mean I'm serving God. Is everything I do worship? I pray that someday I'll truly get to that point where I don't have to think about it (yeah right). Right now, I depend on Christ to carry me.