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new school

Mark Junkans

My daughters are now students at Travis Elementary. It's quite a change from the private school they were at before. They talk about how big it is and all the friends they have. My daughter Jessica told me last night as we were about to eat, "Daddy, we don't have to pray before lunch at my new school." It was a great teaching moment as we discussed praying at all times, even when we aren't made to.
I have also met some of the parents and they are pretty cool. One of them said "There are actually people here that I would like to get to know better." Her daughter had been in a Lutheran School. For some reason she saw the parents and staff at the church as people she didn't have anything in common with. I hear this comment more and more as I'm in the community. What makes the church so stand-offish to people? How do we remedy this so people feel comfortable talking with us?
Anyway, I am happy to have the chance to meet more parents who don't go to church.