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Luther on Good Works

Mark Junkans

I am reading Martin Luther's "Treatise on Good Works," again, and am completely blown away, again. He says "The first, highest, and most precious of all good works is faith in Christ, and as it says in John 6:28-29 'This is the good work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.'" Everything that we do in faith, whether big or small, whether noticed or unnoticed, is a good work.

"For such a man there is no distinction in works. he does the great and the imporant as gladly as the small and the unimportant, and vice versa. Moreover, he does them all in a glad, peaceful, and confident heart." "But where there is doubt, he searches within himself for the best thing to do; then a distinction of works arises by which he imagines he may win favor. And yet he goes about it with a heavy heart and great disinclination. He is like a prisoner, more than half in despair, and often makes a fool of himself."

I often find myself doubting whether I should do this or that, worrying which work will make the biggest impact. A person of faith doesn't sit around deciding, planning and worrying about how his actions will appear. He does whatever is needed in faith "A Christian man living in this faith has no need of a teacher of good works, but he does whatever the ocasion calls for, and all is done well."