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managing growth?

Mark Junkans

As our ministry grows, I'm finding myself with more and more things to do. I read that an organization will only grow to the point where the leader feels comfortable with his/her ability to manage. I often find myself going into a reactionary mode that is based on fear. Fear that we're out of control, fear that we don't have a handle on things, fear that we'll go broke, etc.. My biggest challenge so far has been to implement a strategy that will help us get to a new level of growth without stifling our ministries. Every fiber in my being hates planning, I would much rather fly the the seat of my pants. That strategy gets me to a certain point, and then my pants begin to rip because they're pulled in different directions (nobody really wants to visualize that scenario, do they?)

I truly believe in a movement of the Holy Spirit across our city that is unmanageable (book of Acts kind of stuff.) I also believe that we could get in the way of that movement, either by lack of planning, overly ridgid planning, lack of adequate management or over-management. Is it possible to have managed growth, planned growth and miraculous growth all at the same time? Is the Holy Spirit confined to our planning and management skills? He certainly isn't confined to my vision and leadership.
When I look at those who are coming to faith through our churches, when I hear their stories, when I get to know their families and backgrounds I realize that all of those individuals are a result of Gospel-driven relationships. How do we continue to honor those relationships? How do we make it possible for more of these relationships to develop?

I pray that my main ministry would be that of empowering others to be used by God for His ministry of reconciliation. That's gonna take more dreaded planning. My focus must also remain on our vision while being realistic about our current reality. 100 mission groups in 5 years? I have no idea how to make that happen or how to manage it when it does. Thank God He's in control and not me.