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Bono is amazing

Mark Junkans

I love this campaign to end poverty. Yes it's idealistic. Yes, we will always have the poor among us (didn't some guy in the Bible say that?) There is more than enough money and resources in the world to go around. The problem is three-fold. 1. We don't have the will, 2 We have corrupt governments, 3 We can't control people (both rich and poor). Even here in the United States there are people who go hungry and there are definitely people who are poor. I don't have a solution, all I know is that my heart swells with emotion when I see someone like Bono lead a campaign that most would say is impossible to fulfill.
Some might also say that the church is fighting an impossible battle. Two out of three people in the world today don't know Jesus Christ. Will I let that stop me or will that motivate me to continue with more zeal?
lk 19:10