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coffee as a means of grace?

Mark Junkans

I knew I loved coffee for some reason. This man has found biblical evidence for the regular consumption of my favorite drink, coffee. Below is just one example of his highly caffeineted exegesis of Scripture.

Isaiah 51:17 reads: “Awake, awake! Stand up, O Jerusalem, You who have drunk at the hand of the Lord, the cup … of trembling, and drained it out.” Here there are significant points to be made. God first calls His people to “Awake!” Surely this is a call to alertness. That He repeats the command three times in two chapters means He is dreadfully serious about this imperative. It is simply not God’s will that His people be tired and groggy!

How far will this revolution go? Will the Small Catechism need to be rewritten to accomodate this new teaching?
Anyway, here's the link (only go there if you have some time to read.)

coffee as a means of grace