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Forwarded prayer request

Mark Junkans

Urgent Prayer Request: Militant Hindus target Christians in India

A major rally is scheduled for February 11-13, 2006, in the State of Gujarat, India. Their goal is to re-convert 500,000 Christians back to Hinduism. The rally is well organized and well funded and is to take place in Sabaridham, Gujarat.
The planning includes going to villages and identifying who the
Christians are by distributing and attaching saffron flags onto the homes of Hindus.
For example, in Pyerpada village about 40 men on motorcycles identified Hindu homes and attached flags to them.
The homes without flags signify, of course, Christians or non-Hindus. Christians are intimidated and threatened to re-convert or be forced to leave their homes, families and jobs. Potential physical attacks are real possibilities for those in unidentified homes.
Please pray for the protection and deliverance of our brothers and
sisters in Christ in Gujarat. Pray for Ramabai Mukti Mission's expansion work in Gujarat and for the protection of the children in the care center there, as well as for the staff workers. Pray for conviction of sin and repentance for those targeting the