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racism in missions

Mark Junkans

Racism in Missions (1970)
Speech delivered at Urbana 70 by George J. Taylor

Summary: Racism is a sin that the North American church is exporting along with the gospel in missions.

When one thinks of racial tension, of racism, it is possible to believe that this is a problem only in the United States, South Africa, and England. The reason for this faulty thinking is that in these countries the mass media keep us informed, and we read about these problems immediately. I can assure you that all over the world people know what has taken place in Watts, in Alabama and in Harlem. And yet in other countries people do not hear about what takes place and what happens because they do not have the facilities to communicate that easily. Unfortunately one finds racial discrimination in many other countries, at times in very open ways, at other times in subtle ways, and at times through indifference. For instance, we find racial discrimination in Latin America, in the West Indies, and in Europe. Discrimination is sometimes against the blacks, sometimes against the Indians, other times against Orientals. more