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Prayers answered

Mark Junkans

Dear Praying Friends ,
Thank you for praying for Gujarat!
The memory of 1998,the Post Godra Riot and the information we had about the forced re-conversion efforts by the Narendra Modi Government did put the believers and church leaders into a lot of fear and tension. But thank God! He is in control of all the situations.

According to the information we received from different angles, this re- conversion effort was a total flop.

The VHP announced and planned for 500000 tribal people to attend the Mela from Dang district which has about 500000 people of which 80% are said to be Christians.
It is reported that the first day when Narendra Modi himself was attending and speaking, they used the Govt Machinery to provide free transport and everything free to tribals from the neighboring states of M P and Rajasthan and yet the total number was 150000 of which there was hardly anybody from Dang district, though the Mela was in Dang and for the re-conversion of the Christians of Dang The second day it came down to 70000 and the third and final day it was as low as 45000

It is also reported that at the very same time of the Mela there was a Christian meeting about 45 km away from the place of the Mela attended by some 40000 people It went on with out any problem

It is almost at the same time that the State High Court has given instructions that any forced re-conversion will be viewed as forced conversion and will be punishable.

Another fear was that the government will use its police force deployed on the pretext of protecting the victims to attack the victims as it did during Post- Godra Riots. However this time as the Government and the VHP failed to provide enough food to the police men,they were forced to go to the Christian villages for food and they became friendly with the Christians .( In such remote areas a police constable is as or even more feared than a District Magistrate )

We also start hearing slogans like "The Peace of Dang is in the hands of the Christians and their pastors"

The non Christian Tribals are beginning to think that this Mela is organised so that the tribals will not go to the Main Mela of High Caste Hindus like the one in Allahabad or Ujjain that they should not pollute the High Caste Hindus and their Melas

As a whole, I would like to conclude, "They came with a roar of a lion but disappeared with the tail of a snake"