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Just a normal day I guess

Mark Junkans

Yesterday I was coming back from surfing in Freeport (hurray for hurricanes in the Gulf) and almost hit a woman what was walking in the middle of the street. I heard her yelling "help me" so I stopped. It was pouring rain and she was wearing socks, without shoes walking in the downpour. I stopped to let her in the car and she said "I've been stabbed, he took my money." I had no idea what to do, except tell her to get inside and I would take her somewhere. Her hand was wrapped in a wash cloth and completely soaked in blood. There was blood running down her leg and I could see blood on her shirt. I wanted to take her to a hospital, but she didn't want to go. Instead we went to where her sister was. On the way she said she hadn't eaten in 4 days and so we stopped at the Whataburger drive thru to get food. The drive thru attendant looked at us funny as I rewrapped her fileted hand in a towel that was in the car.
This girl said she was 19 years old and lived on the street. Her mother had died and she didn't know anything about her father. She kept asking "Why doesn't Jesus love me? Why did he let me get stabbed?" We stopped in front of a store where 4 prostitutes were standing and she told me she wanted to get out (one had just got into a car and left with a guy.) She limped out of the car and I got out to help her as the other women came to her aid and sat her down on the step in front of the store. I said a prayer with them and they said they had everything under control. I offered once again to take her somewhere and they again said they would take care of her. Who knows what happened to her, maybe I'll drive by tomorrow to inquire about her.