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Day Two in Pourt Harcout

Mark Junkans

Sunday we visited 5 different churches throughout the city. Since it was the first Sunday of the month, everyone was celebrating thanksgiving Sunday. People brought a special offering in thanks for a particular blessing that they had received. At the church on Dim street, they were also celebrating "I love my pastor." This was a special offering that they brought and the pastor would then use it for his personal living expenses.
Nigerians say that no matter what happens in their lives or country, they always have hope. I can see it in people's faces, in their expressions and in the way they view life. The conditions here in the city are incredibly bad for most people. We met Wokoma's chief's son and then went to the house of a leader of Moni Pulo natural gas company. The owner of this company is Chief LuLu Briggs who lost both parents at an early age and struggled to create what he has now, a hugely successful enterprise. He said in an interview "I believe that serious adversity does shape our character into either of two extremes as we either become imbued with compassion or it makes us unfeeling, with a belief that everyone else should have a taste of the suffering which we have experienced in our own life."
It's hard to drive through the city and not be affected by the sights and sounds of people struggling through life. I pray that God would use these few days for me so that I can begin to have an understanding of my role in helping local churches reach their communities for Christ.