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Day Four - PH NG

Mark Junkans

Today I have begun to see more of the differences in culture from one group to the other. I can actually pick out people from one area over another, although not very well. Port Harcourt, as are all cities, is a melting pot of people from all over the country who have different customs, values and languages. Things move so slowly here, which I kind of like right now. It's a great change of pace from Houston.
I've seen some things today that I wouldn't believe. People with such deformed bodies that it was hard to even look at. Each house we go into even worse than the last. We went into a house tonight that was pitch black because of no electricity (pretty normal). The girl with us was so apologetic for the conditions, especially the heat (not very hot compared to Houston.) She kept fanning me with a fan the whole time I was there until I got so embarrassed I asked her to please stop. She was the one who was suffering from the heat, not I.
We went to the biggest open air market I've ever seen. We walked through lane after lane of stalls with someone trying to sell us something every second.
A boy was on the side of the road who had burn scars on his whole body. Of course his parents made him go without a shirt so that people would give him more money, but we only had an apple to give him. We felt good that at least he would eat something, until Charles said that he would probably have to take it to his parents so they could sell it.