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Day Ten - PH NG

Mark Junkans

Today began slowly as I waited for the driver to get here. I was supposed to be in Onne at 9 and made it there by 11:30. That put us two hours late to the church in the village of Kono. No problem, the people were there praying and singing. We got there and I set up the projector and computer. I have to keep reminding myself that the use of a computer and projector to show pictures and text is something that the pastors say their congregations will probably never see in their church again. During break times, I showed them personal family videos and they were so excited to see my life in the USA.

When we got there, I learned that the church was really struggling. The chairman of the congregation, in the absence of a pastor, had led almost half of the congregation into spiritism and they began to meet right down the road. They are praying for ways to bring the people back to the truth of the Gospel. I hope that our four hour session helped. They weren't tired yet and wanted more, but the pastors said we had to stop to get back.
When I was formally intruduced to the congregation the ladies' group danced to the front singing songs of welcome and danced out on song number three. It was beautiful. I saw more people here with physical problems and sickness that other villages. The congregation's members are struggling financially because of the recent war and the fight against Shell Oil and pollution. The land for their new mission congregation in Bori was taken from them and now they are left without a place to worship. Again, the joy I had as we drove to the village and spent time with the church was amazing.
I can't believe that there are only two days left. Tomorrow we take a boat to Bakana and I preach at a fasting and prayer house where people come to be healed of all sorts of diseases and injuries.