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Day Eight - PH NG

Mark Junkans

This morning, Saturday, I presented an Evangelism workshop at our church on Dim street. This neighborhood is maybe one of the hardest ones we've been in, in terms of economic level. The main street to get to the neighborhood is were they sell car parts and repair cars. There aren't any garages or workshops, so the cars are repaired along the road on both sides. It's something I can't even describe. For about a mile or so, there is nothing except cars being repaired and people selling car parts. We passed out more Good News magazines to those in attendance and they were so happy to have something to teach their friends and family with. Each time I present this workshop, I am grateful to Jim Pressnell who prepared the materials for us.
After the workshop ended we went to a wedding, wear I was dressed as a Kalabari man. If you're wondering, the skirt is actually very comfortable and I didn't wear shorts underneath (just kidding.) I wore something called knickers, which are white boxers that come almost to the knees. When I walked into the hall, I saw a whole row of people dressed like I was. They kind of looked at me weird, but the people I knew were generous in their compliments. Africans either like to see others dressed as they are, or they just like a good laugh. For me, I'm not planning on wearing the skirt every day in Houston.
After the wedding, we went to Abonema for a wake keeping service for someone who had died. It rained so hard, and the electricity was out (of course), that we stayed inside most of the time. We ate at the house of someone related to Charles (most people we've met are in some way). We sat inside an almost pitch dark room and talked while the food was prepared. Another delicious meal down the hatch.