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Day Seven - PH NG

Mark Junkans

Today we were going to go back to Onne village and meet with the pastors and leaders to talk about ways we could partner together. Our driver was about two hours late, and that turned out to be a good thing because the President of Nigeria came to that village in the morning, so the roads were shut down and backed up for hours. Instead we went to eat at Abonema Wharf and there met the pastor of St. Matthew and his assistant pastor, Tonye.
In the afternoon I was able to spend some time working on some LINC Houston items and finally was able to speak with Ruanne.
In the evening, I filled Sylvia's place for a women's presentation at the church on Dim Street, so I filled in with stories about how my mom and Natalie follow Christ. We were in a neighborhood that wasn't very safe, so our driver Michael wanted to leave early. To me it was like being back home in Houston, but it's hard for people to understand that.
There hasn't been electricity in most parts of Port Harcourt for over three weeks so everything was completely dark. The churches and hotels all have generators so that there will be power. About half of the houses also have generators, but they only run them when they have to. We promised we would eat vegetable soup that someone had made, so we went to Asime's house to meet her mother and eat Gari (kind of like really thick mashed potatoes that you pick up with your hands and eat the food with.) Of course we drank Guinness with our meal. :-)

Chicken Dinner anyone? Just like old times, I sat and watched a girl clean this chicken out in front of the house, probably for dinner tomorrow. Below is what I ate. I think it was fish, and vegetable soup (definitely not Campbell's.) I know it had gizzards in it and some kind of seafood, but I don't know what else. It was tasty!