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Day Six - PH NG

Mark Junkans

I can't even describe today. God is beginning to show us our primary purpose for being here. The church in Onne, where we've held two days of workshops for women and for the whole church, is so excited. They said they have never had any white people in their church, except the Bible translators who are there. They said "now we know we've not been forgotten." Most visitors that come to Nigeria go straight to the Synod headquarters and never get to the villages throughout the country, especially to the churches from this particular tribe who are not in power. They took my measurements and are going to make me a native outfit to wear Sunday. The women made a beautiful dress and even dressed her in their tribal ritual (don't ask her the details if you're not her husband).
We took the boxes of Good News and distributed them to the people at night after the workshop. On Sunday the church is dedicating their new drum set, so they say there will be lots of music and dancing (more than normal?) By the way, ask me to show you video footage of Sylvia dancing in church to give her offering.
Unfortunately, Sylvia had to leave Nigeria early because of the condition of her father in Corpus Christi. The people gave her a huge send off and we took her to the airport at 9:30 p.m. to board her flight to Paris, then to Houston.
It's unbelievable that in a city this size, none of our churches have been visited by outsiders. If we can even just be some encouragement to them to keep going, then we have done God's will. The workshops at night were filled and people memorized the material we presented on Evangelism and community based ministry.
I have to go meet with some other people.