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bad tooth fairy!

Mark Junkans

yesterday Victoria lost her tooth. I mean literally lost it. We can't find it anywhere. Not good if we want money from the tooth fairy. We sat down and wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining that she can't find the tooth (she was very sad about it) and then she offered a small rock instead (which was taped to the note paper.) Dad was sure that this would suffice, but no, the tooth fairy was too picky. Victoria woke up and with a tearful and painfully sad face said "she didn't take it." Dad, who had forgotten all about the note said, "she didn't take what?" Then it hit me. The tooth fairy fell asleep and didn't remember to come. Dad said, "oh, I'm sorry. I guess she doesn't take substitutes. We must find that tooth." Well, we didn't find the tooth tonight, but Dad had a solution. He opened the fireplace door so the tooth fairy could get inside the house, because that's probably what happened. We added to the note which was carefully placed at the opening of the fireplace that she should leave the money under Victoria's pillow (follow the map that Victoria drew on the note.)
The tooth fairy better not fall asleep again. bad tooth fairy.