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life goes on

Mark Junkans

Probably the biggest roadblock to our church's mission and evangelism is daily life. We feel we have to choose between living our lives and reaching people for Christ. Everything is dependant on our busy schedules. Our church does mission ocassionally and evangelism infrequently simply because life goes on. Maybe we aren't that effective as a church in our outreach because it isn't really a part of our lives. Some of the most significant events in the ministry of the Apostles happened when they were living life. They met people, they talked with people and they told people about Jesus Christ. Evangelism and missions were so much a part of their lives that, as they lived life, they evangelized. I believe that our lives don't need to be filled with more church activities, but our daily activities need to be filled with more church. Does that make any sense to you? Fellowship is great, but without a missional purpose, it can become caustic and stagnant. Our church functions have lost their excitement. Like makeup on a swine, we add more tinsel and decorations to our gatherings. Maybe our people will get excited again, we think. Maybe they'll come back. Lasting excitement and joy in church come only through being used by God in a significant way to reach the world. I don't want to simply critique the church, but offer a solution. The Book of Acts. In it, life goes on and reaches the world.