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Houston, TX


a passion for the city

Mark Junkans

Jesus had a passion for the city of Jerusalem. He wept over it because He saw the coming destruction (Mat. 23.) He mourned that its leaders had done so many terrible things and had not repented of them. They had "killed the prophets and stoned the messengers." Many things in our city work against the church's mission and the city's own inhabitants. The political system, the mismanaged school system, the city contracts given to council members' family and friends with little accountability, the absentee landlords who let their buildings deteriorate and refuse to provide standard housing and the rampant crime that goes unchecked in many neighborhoods all work against the church's mission to make disciples of Christ.

Would Jesus cry over Houston today, given the corruption and apathy towards its most defenseless citizens? Would Jesus cry today over the church in the city that passes up the needy to build a bigger building with more stain glass windows that show the "glory of God?" God's glory is displayed, not so much in great programs and buildings as in a simple act of mercy in Jesus' name. We complain that our church doesn't have a great ministry, and yet pass up the opportunity to share Jesus with our neighbor, coworker and friend. Does Jesus cry over me, a citizen of Houston who shelters himself inside his car, office and home while the people outside are dying without salvation? Maybe Jesus wants to gather us under his wings for a little while. Maybe he mourns for us today as well. He does have a passion for our city.