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sitting in onion creek coffee shop

Mark Junkans

People behind me making jokes of the movie "The Passion of The Christ." It's not the movie that I'm hurt by, but the actual sufferings of Christ made fun of by people that hurt me. Didn't they make fun of Christ when he was going through his pain and agony? Don't they make fun of Christians around the world as they face torture and death for their faith? How do we as a people of God reach a world that cares so little for the sacrifice that was made for them. Through love, compassion and living the Gospel for them in an authentic way.

The church must find a way to approach society with these issues. That's where real ministry, "ministry to the poor, outcast, homeless, widows and imprisoned" makes such a difference. Churches in the city have such a bad reputation among their communities for being a country club of sorts. The churches witness in the community is made more powerful when the church can point to how God is moving through it to make a great impact on people's lives. That's when the satire and arguments against religion have no punch. God doesn't hurt when people make fun of a movie made by a Hollywood actor. He hurts when his church doesn't have the desire anymore to engage and save it's community.